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quote:Originally posted by JezHarvey
 I can get the search control running well and am very happy with it but I now have a problem that I hope is easy to fix. When I go to log in on the login view and press return after fill out the textboxs the required field valiator message appears for the search control!
Not sure why this is happening, when the user clicks the loging button it is fine. This problem happens awell with any other detailview buttons aswell. When the user presses the the button it expects the search control to have a value.
Any ideas where I have gone wrong


Jez - could well be that i've updated my own version of this forgetting to do the same with the online one. Basically, you need to amend the search.ascx page and add the following onto the button code:


the entire line would then look like:

<asp:Button ID="imgGo" runat="server" CausesValidation="false" Text="Search" OnClick="imgGO_Click" />

hope this works for you