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... the spirited discussion has gone off really on a tangent, and since I don't want to play the evil role of forum censor ... JIM???

What are you talking about Jim? I have seen no problem in the forum. Please let me know what you mean as it's so vague that it scares me to post in the forum. I have another book "Professional ..." that I may get into after this book (I bought them at the same time.

If the problem is me, let me know so I can return the 'professional' book and I will not be such a headache to you, authors, or forum members.

---- Following is a response to Imar and Chris

I've never created a site using them. I've owned a graphic design company for 14 years and had to sell it do to being diagnosed with MS. I lost everything then, including my family.

After taking a few years off trying to obtain a sense of health, I came up with the idea of creating html based e-newsletter so I wouldn't have to use up my energy by leaving home to look for new work, etc (after all, e-newsletters means repeat business).

Although my original intent was to get into html e-newsletters three years ago, I having done one yet as all my clients just want websites. I've made some good money creating sites, but as of yet, they are all static html pages using CSS.

I've read Imar’s book on Dreamweaver MX 2004 and posted some things on the forum. The book and Imar’s support helped me tremendously.

I made a deal with a client to create a database driving website in exchange for the full version of Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection. The program didn't come in for 3 months so I cancelled the deal.

This I decided to buy it myself but was very concerned the same thing would happen to me, that my credit card would be held up $3000 plus for a few months with no program. (I have only one chance, financially speaking) So I decided to watch some videos on the master collection hoping to convince myself to buy it. That was when I heared that adobe still doesn't go beyond .net 1.0, and I also heard that they mey not support .net at all in the future.

With this concern, I looked around and found VWD express, etc. (Recently I found MS Expression - what the heck it that, is it better than VS Pro or a replacement, where do I invest my money?) I watch a couple months watching videos but still was not GETTING IT. Then I notice this book, Dreamweaver MX 2004 from Imar and remembered how helpful his previous book was (although I wasn't interested in then) and how helpful he was in the forum. Due to this, I bought his new book, Beginning 3.5 ..., and the Professional 3.5 at the same time. I have over 10 books from WROX and the only time I participated in the forums was related to Imar.

Due to watching the videos, much of what I read in the book so far isn't totally new to me. However, I feel I learned more, or have a greater understanding. WHY? Because Imar explains all the WHYs! This is something I found videos don't do. I found that many other books I've read don't do that.

What I was hoping to learn in this book or the professional one is how to create database NEWS websites. I still don't know how to place images or the reference to them in the database as well as news articles. I'm been looking for months. (Although I have a feeling the book may explain how to put images in databases)

Even if I don't get what I was originally looking for in the book, I still am a satisfied customer because the book explained the whys. (But chapter 4, yikes...) And Imar has helped me a lot in the forum, although they may seem trivial to others.

Even though I am just finishing chapter 12, I feel with what I learned in the book and in the forum paid for the book. And think, I still have many chapters to go and this forum to get extra help — and Imar’s help in the forum and the book explaining the whys is probably the main reasons why I stick with WROX books.

It would be great if Imar would make another one called Intermediate 3.5 so I'd have something to read before I get to the professional one, as it seems to overwhelming.

--- To Chris

The HOW IT WORKS section is great. I don't go on until I understand that, then I forget it and move on. Of course I forget, but I have ownership of the book as a reference book to easily find in the future (unlike videos). I think all designers and developers have reference books for the same reason. So I see myself as getting to know my reference books rather than learning to design. It helps me to not get so frustrated. Keep on keeping on.

Sorry for blabbing JIM.

(I'm not even going to read my post to see if it makes since. But I feel it's not problem with Imar because he gives us the freedom to make mistakes.)

Great book Imar and thanks for the extra help,

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