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quote:Originally posted by Imar
 Who says it's better code? I just posted my code example to show another variation of self closed elements.

Both come down to the same thing; there is no difference at run-time so again you can choose whatever you see fit or like best.

I'm saying it's a better code as it takes less bites. Yes they both work.

ALSO: I didn't even mention your code as I wasn't even thinking of your code. I said "... like the code automatically generated on page 400." I did the exercise on page 400 and the code was generated for me automatically.

My message was meant to show you that I not only understood you, but agreed with you. I was just delighted that I learned something (and learned a lot more than I shared here just because of the post I was referring to).

I apologize if I didn't word my post correctly. But be delighted that I learned something due to your original post that I was referring too, showing you that the forum is very helpful.

Thank you for it...

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