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Its not a bad thing re-submitting the page to achieve your objective. However why use multiple forms??? there is no need.
I would:

> get rid of multiple forms, use only one.
> when you call your onChange function submit the form!!
> you should check if your record set is empty when you create your select lists, this is just good code practice.

Anyhow here is how I would code up your first select list includig the code to ensure the previous selection remains selected:
NOTE - The below method will only work for you if each time you call the onChange function the form is submitted

 strSQL = "SELECT distinct class from s6test;"
 objRS.Open strSQL, objconn
   if not objRS.eof then %>
      <select name="xclass" onchange="reload(this.form)">
       <option value="">Class</option>
<% Do While Not objRS.EOF %>
         <option value="<%= objRs("class") %>" <% if trim(request.form("xclass")) <> "" then
                                                     if trim(request.form("xclass")) = objRs("class") then
                                                        response.write " selected "
                                                     end if
                                                  end if %>><%= objRs("class") %></option>
<% objRS.MoveNext
      objRs.Close %>
<% else %>
      <i>No records found</i>
<% end if %>

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