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Firstly, as I said before, you must be clear in your mind which code executes on the server and which on the client. When you return names from the server-side code it doesn't go anywhere. You need to create the HTML that you need:
  • Code:
    var names = readDB();
    Response.Write("<script type=\"text/javascript\">\n");
    Response.Write(" var names = " + names.toString() + ";\n");
    Response.Write("</s" + "cript>\n");

  • In your client-side code don't use document.writeln, create a page as you wish with an empty select element and use the DOM to create new Option elements and add them based on the data in the names variable
  • Check the HTMl of the page created to see whether the array has been populated correctly, it should look like:
    var names= ["name1", "name2", "name3"];


Joe (Microsoft MVP - XML)
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