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Yes, thats right, original task was: read db records in .htm using .js.
But in this scenario I'm getting runtime error: 'Server' is undefined (for
Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") call inside .js function).

As an option I was hopping to use .asp (reads db nicely):
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" src="readDb.asp" runat="server"></SCRIPT>
and use .asp variables on .htm page. Evidently .asp is not
a script and there is no way to read .asp into .htm
Could you suggest any workaround to solve this puzzle?
Thanks a lot for your patient!
quote:Originally posted by joefawcett
 I'm confused too.
Originally you wanted to use JavaScript server-side to connect to a database and use the data to populate a select list.
Now you could just create the options server-side but I thought you wanted to populate the array server-side and populate the options client-side. Is this not right?


Joe (Microsoft MVP - XML)
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