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Ok, I see what you are doing what you are doing but I am not entirely understanding the problem?

When you click your LinkButton you drop into Report_Arguments, which works, then you drop into MyClick. What I am not clear on is when you say: "The problem is that I can only create the file and operate one other task (no idea why). For instance
in my code that is being called from the link button I write the html file and call another method so I can call to other javascript functions within that function but the only thing about it is that only one will work."

Are you saying only one of the methods is being called?

Also, this is a bit lengthy for what you are ultimately doing and also Page.RegisterStartupScript is depreciated:
  Dim popupScript As String
  popupScript="<script language='javascript'>"+"'IPCGen.aspx? Fig="+ FigNumb + "&Text="+Index + "','ipcframe');<"+"/script>"
  Page.RegisterStartupScript("popupScript", popupScript)
   Dim popupScript2 As String
  popupScript2="<script language='javascript'>"+"'newhtml.html ','cgmframe');<"+"/script>"
  Page.RegisterStartupScript("popupScript2", popupScript2)

Try this instead

Dim sb as New StringBuilder()
sb.Append("'IPCGen.aspx?Fig="+ FigNumb + "&Text="+Index + "','ipcframe');")
sb.Append("'newhtml.html','cgmframe'); ")

Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Me.GetType (), "popupScripts", sb.ToString(), True)

The boolean value of true at the end indicates that the runtime should add the <script></script> tags around your code.



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