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Hi Doug,
       That worked fine for what I was trying to do and I had that working that way earlier however, I still have one
problem with that solution which I forgot to mention. As you know, Once I click on a link button, I drop into
Report_Arguments, which creates a new html file to display in the cgmframe, from there I drop into MyClick, where
the frames are deployed. Everything works fine except the new html file is not displaying. Once the page is initially
launched it works fine but when a different link button is clicked, the html file does not change in the frame. I
checked the file being created (newhtml.html) when Report_Arguments is launched and everything changes in the file
but the frame is not displaying the file. Could this be a Postback issue? Thanks by the way for the snippet earlier.
It is much more concise and this is the first time I've seen it. Do you have any thoughts on something I could try? TIA

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