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quote:Originally posted by etherz
 Thanks bob you have been a great help so far, yes the back end and front end info is correct, i have found that out since my last post.

C:\DATABASE\Domestic Appliance Centre.mdb
J:\DATABASE\Domestic Appliance Centre.mdb
are the only two active files.

On trying to convert or just run the database in 2003 gives an error after about 10s of startup, the error is related to vb6e.dll which is obviously the visual basic dll. I have the latest version of this dll on my system. I have tried making a new 2003 database and importing all the files, i had to make a J: otherwise the database would not run. I think the database is corrupt. I have been able to import and successfully use all the pats except the "Forms", i am currently figuring out which ones cause the error by trial and error, i am presuming by the dates of these files that some of these files are backups and i will try to import the forms from there.

Also what is the advantage of using a mde file.

Am i doing this all right or could i do it an easier way.

Many thanks again



Hope this still can help in the future.

There is a tool called Advanced Access Repair. I have used it to repair many corrupt Access MDB files on my damaged disks successfully. If necessary, you can have a try.


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