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I have four computers of various ages: a 1998 Toshiba laptop running Win98 and PWS, a 2005 Dell desktop running XP Pro and IIS, a 2005 Dell laptop running XP Pro and IIS, and a 2006 Dell laptop running XP Media Center Edition and IIS.

In my duties writing scripts for the score pages at, I may use any one of these four computers for code development. I have found that my 1998 Toshiba Win98 laptop using PWS runs everything great, as does my 2005 Dell laptop running XP Pro and IIS. My problems are with the other two machines: the 2005 Dell desktop and the 2006 Dell laptop. I find that if the recordset is too large, I get gibberish in the output. The only way I have found to resolve this issue is by reducing the size of the recordset when I develop on these two other machines.

For the two good machines, the Win98 laptop has 80 megs of RAM (64mb + 16mb), and the Dell laptop has 1 gig of RAM. For the two bad machines, one has 1 gig of RAM and the other has 1.5 gigs.

Thankfully, our web host's server has never had any problems running the scripts, no matter how large the recordset. Does anyone know of a setting that can be tweaked to avoid gibberish output when the recordset becomes too large?