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Dear Old Pendant

I agree that I am probably less patient than I should be. But I think patience is something you exercise with humans, not browsers. I have tried all kinds of manipulations to be able to access the value in the innerHTML after it has been written to the screen, and the data is just unavailable until I call an alert or a submit. I'm loosing my patience, lol. I'm to the point of just working with what is, but I would really like to know why it is behaving this way. It seems that if you can't depend on code being executed sequentially, then chaos is a real posibility. I thot maybe there was something related to AJAX that was letting my code continue executing before the javascript function was complete, but I get the same situation if I just have a regular JS function,(not an AJAX call) return a value to inner html. Im not the smartest guy on the planet so probably I'm missing something, but I sure can't see it. It also displays similar delayed or missed action using image.scr and timing loops. Is this maybe my personal browser settings, Internet Explorer peculiarities in general, or the nature of javascript. If you know, please help me to understand. And btw, thanks for the post

Good day to ya,