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Old Pedant

First, sorry about the "Pendant", mental typo. And the code is no dummy, It works, I'm the dummy here.

I tried adding the line to stateChanged like you showed, and it made B look like A. But this is still just on the screen as far as mypage is concerned. If youll notice, the Alert, which shows the innerHTML of A right before it is called is still the old A value, even tho you appear to have verified the value to be updated by copying it to B. I think I hate alert(). There has to be a better way to monitor variables than this. Why cant javascript have a step function for debugging like old basic.

Can you tell me this... I have read that javascript is a single thread, (im fuzzy on all this) so to me it seems like the code written after a function call, cant be executed until thefunction is finished, right?

Anyway, thanks for the suggested code change, it has given me an idea or two to try.