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First, let me thank you both wholeheartedly for the timely response.

I've basically been given an ultimatum though. Despite the fact that there may only small performance gains, in handling millions of requests or with huge files, a small gain is a big deal. I'm told that we ran tests with huge files and the libxslt C-based interpreter took nearly half an hour whereas the apache xsltc compiler performed in nearly half a minute.

So I kind of need a final say recommendation, and considering I just saw a huge XSLT book with Michael Kay's picture on it, I'm sure you are more qualified than any us new users to answer. We either need:

1) A c/C++ xslt compiler that runs on sun or linux

or in the case that no such thing exists

2) The fastest c/c++ xslt interpreter that runs on sun or linux

**In either case, we only need XSLT 1.0 compliance, no need for extensions. Also, sorry, Joe, but I cannot use .NET JIT.
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