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Hello again old friend and problem solver, Old Pedant

You are so smart. Your first suggestion about patience was right on the mark. I finally got my code straight so I think I understand it.

Maybe its not so much that I wasn't being patient, as much as I didn't know how to be patient? Six of one...........

It seems that not only alert() but other attempts to "pass some time" all fail to listen for the response (I may be stating that wrong) and so it never arrives. SetTimeout seems to be the only way, and Im fine with that, just still fuzzy about the concepts behind it. even a timeout set to 0 works. If you'd care to try and explain to me why the Ajax call acts this way, I'd greatly appreciate it. One reason I dont get it, is that the info seems to be at the browser allready cause it updates to the screen instantly.

I thank you heartily for your help and insights.

I am your grateful pupil,