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Default refreshing XML withour refreshing the page

Hello ,

I have the following XML being batch updated into a database.

<ITEM_LIST LookUpID="1"><ITEM ID="1" Name="open" Description="opened" RowOrder="1" Updated="0" Add="0" Deleted="0"/><ITEM ID="2" Name="fixed" Description="Fixed" RowOrder="2" Updated="0" Add="0" Deleted="0"/><ITEM ID="3" Name="closed" Description="Closed" RowOrder="3" Updated="0" Add="0" Deleted="0"/><ITEM ID="4" Name="reopened1" Description="Re-open" RowOrder="4" Updated="0" Add="0" Deleted="0"/><ITEM ID="5" Name="returned" Description="Returned" RowOrder="5" Updated="0" Add="0" Deleted="0"/><ITEM ID="7" Name="Status1230" Description="..." RowOrder="6" Updated="0" Add="0" Deleted="0"/><ITEM ID="new_7" Name="status1016" Description="" Add="1" Updated="1" RowOrder="7" Deleted="0"/>

if the "Deleted" attribute is set to 1 then I need to delete it, which i have already done.

my issue is when i Update data from this xml to the database passing the xml from asp page to action page using XMLhttp Post to the component and once the control returns to the parent asp page , i am seeing the same old xml, please help in refreshing the XML without refreshing the page.

thanking you


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