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Default export excel file and printing

O/S:Windows2003 Server
Dev. Tool: Visual Basic 6.0, Crystal Report 8.0

I am a begginer.
I have two problems.
I am not good english.

1) I've maked a field by DateTime() function. And the field's format was changed as Date/Time.
   And exported it as an excel file.
   In the excel file, the field's type was 'user defined'. Why??
   I'd like to get the field type as datetime in the excel file.
   So the field is operated automatically with other fields as datetime in the excel file.
   How do I get the field type as datetime in the excel file that exported from crystal report8?

2) After a crystal report was printed all, An error message page followed it.
   The message is 'PCL XL error Warning: IllegalMediaSource'.
   How do I fix it?
   The printer model is HP-5100le.

Please help me!
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