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The address in the IE address bar says: "about:blank" the tab says "Blank Page" when using Ctrl+F5. When using F5 it returns: "http://localhost:1236/WebSite1/Default.aspx" in the address bar and the tab is titled: "Untitled Page" and the Hello World text is displayed.
When I select File, New web site and make no changes IE returns exactly the same as above for Ctrl+F5. The address bar says: "about:blank" the tab is titled "Blank Page". When I press F5 it returns: "http://localhost:2531/WebSite2/Default.aspx" in the address bar, the tab says Untitled Page, and the page is blank.

quote:Originally posted by Imar
 Hi JimBoAk,

It shouldn't be like that. Ctrl+F5 should always open a page in IE just fine.

What's the address in the address bar you get in IE when using VWD? What happens if you don't put in any code and simply choose File | New Web Site | Ctrl+F5? Do you get a blank, but correct page then?


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