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Greetings to all contributors,

Thank you for your latest postings. Wow, I'm really going through a learning curve. So much to learn... But I must admit I'm really enjoying it.

Just a quick hello, I have had a very busy day (and my wife's birthday) so not much research and testing done on your suggestions. Will return to answer in full tomorrow.

Good news is that I have contacted the Microsoft office in South Africa to enquire about the 2008 express additions. No stock at the moment. I will probably have to download from Microsoft's site directly. Slight problem with broadband.

With me doing the changes to the code, I have noticed red exclamation marks next to the listed server behaviour functions in Dreamweaver. DW has its own recordset dialog box in a graphical interface. Is it at all possible to somehow add your suggested coding into the SQL query part of this dialog box as apposed to inserting it directly into the code? I believe that this might remove all the red exclamation marks. Kindly advise. I could take a snapshot of the dialog box and post it on a site and then you guys the hyperlink.

I greatly appreciate and respect your assistance and therefore I need to do my part on further research and testing before I can continue to post. I will then post further questions.

Will make contact again tomorrow.