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Default Stupid problem


 Today, i got stupid problem.
I am generating the text file from VB

while not rs.eof
strOP=strOP & rs(0) & rs(1) &...& vbcrlf & vbcrlf & vbcrlf

Using filesystemobject, i am creating a text file with the contents strOP.

If i go to DOS prompt and issue this command c:\mydata.txt > prn

There is no equal spacing b/w lines. But yesterday i was printed correct.
I tried with open "lpt1" for output as #1 also. The same problem.

So, i tried a simple text file from DOS prompt (c:\edit test.txt) and added 8 lines with equal line spacing (as i have from VB, the same spacing - 2lines) and print using type test.txt > prn
its printing in exact alignment.
How come it is like this? Both the way i am using DOS. But on contains data from VB and the other is at DOS.

Pls reply me