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That's not a PHP error. It's a mySQL error.

If "moviesite" is supposed to be the name of a database, then it's saying that either:
(1) the moviesite database doesn't exist or
(2) the table named "movietype" in that database doesn't exist.

MySQL is case sensitive when running on any OS except Windows, so the table name *MUST* be spelled exactly correctly, upper and lower case.

If "moviesite" is supposed to be the name of a table, then it's saying that the table named "moviesite" doesn't exist.

Look in the MySQL DB to figure out what reality is as opposed to what the PHP code thinks it is.

Oh...and don't respond to posts that are months and months and even years old. Start your own new thread. The person you answered has posted exactly *ONE* message in these forums (the one you answered) so it would be a near mirable if he ever sees your reply.
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