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quote:Originally posted by jimtest
 I wish Amazon's date were correct but it's actually more like the end of January 2009. I don't know why Amazon has that date, our data feed to them is not showing September.
We're actually work on 2 new versions of the book. The one Amazon has listed now, "ASP.NET 3.5" is going to focus mostly on shifting to ASP.NET 3.5 and use the Entity Framework for the DAL.
We're also working on ASP.NET MVC Website Programming Problem Design Solution which as the title implies, will focus mainly on reworking TheBeerHouse with MVC. That one's not listed on Amazon yet and is probably due around February or March.
::: PHEW :::

I am happy to hear that, because from reading the description on Amazon, I was starting to get pretty disappointed. :( It's important to remember that as of right NOW, ASP.NET 3.5 really only represents a marginal step from ASP.NET 2.0. Things like MVC and the ADO.NET Entity Framework are where the REAL action is going to be in ASP.NET 3.5 after the imminent release of VS 2008 SP1. It would have been a huge mistake not to include them.

And again, from the description, it still kinda sounds like it's going to do mostly all the same stuff that the current edition does. I don't know how accurate this is. Maybe it's not too late to "influence" the direction of these two titles somewhat... ;) If not, I'd like to throw my two cents in, and encourage others to do likewise:

-- Polls? Mailing lists? Not sure how relevant those things really are anymore. Nobody really does polls any more. And it's way too cheap and convenient (not to mention much safer) to farm out mailing list management to a 3rd party service. That's what most small and medium-sized businesses are doing now.

-- I would love to see some more currently relevant functionality, like blogging and content sharing modules (photos, video, etc). Let's face it, the web has changed a LOT since 2005. The Web 2.0 is all about social networking and user-driven content. And along the same vein, TheBeerHouse needs a mobile UI. There are now nearly 20 million people in the US surfing the web on mobile devices, and even more in Europe.

-- And speaking of UI (and this is KEY), the UI absolutely MUST be improved. Semantics, web standards, and accessibility are much more important now than they were four years ago. Layout tables are a thing of the past, and if I see another empty <p></p> tag used as a line space, I am going to scream. With things like the CSS-Friendly Control Adapters and the ListView, there's no excuse not to adhere to proper standards any longer.

-- In terms of basic functionality, I feel the two things TheBeerHouse 2.0 lacked most were optimistic concurrency and true exception handling in the BLL. I don't care how bulletproof the architecture is -- without these features, the site simply won't scale, period.

I am still hoping to see some of these issues addressed in the new edition. Now, that would be a helluva book.