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Hi everybody,

My name is Nicholas Berardi, I am writing the the MVC book that Jim has been talking about. I just wanted to take this time to introduce myself, and give a preview of what I am trying to accomplish with the book:

First of all I have been involved with MVC since the first preview release back in January and have created the first production Web 2.0 site using PR 1 way back when. The site is called IdeaPipe, If you are familiar with Dell's IdeaStorm, we have basically taken that concept and allowed any group, project, company, etc to setup their very own version. Very soon we are going to be rolling out CNAME support so you can have it under your very own domain name. So that is what has been keeping me busy since January 1.

Now for the part I know you are all waiting for. :) The MVC version of the book will contain all the same functionality of the last book except for Web Parts which are not currently possible in MVC.
  • We are going to update Articles so it has a couple more bloging features, however this module isn't meant to be a replacement for a full blown product like BlogEngine.NET. So if you want an awesome blog that runs on .NET look there, they have done amazing work. And you could probably write a whole book just on their code.
  • We are going to be updating the forums to give it a more web 2.0 feel, I actually did a post on this very subject yesteray before I saw the requests.
  • Also the number one update that you have all been asking for is a CSS templated site that doesn't contain tables. This was our first and number one priority when moving the code over

Hope this helps,

Check out my blog at: