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I am Chris Love, I am working on the Entity Framework version of the book. I am adding some Web 2.0 features to it. For sure integrating Twitter support. I am investigating using the Facebook toolkit from Codeplex this week too.
As for EF, There were really three ways to take it, using the EntityDataSource, which really defeats the purpose of having an n-Tier application IMO, Linq to Entities and finally straight up Entity SQL. I have decided to go with something that is leveraging Linq to Entities and more of a Domain Driven model. Now I am not a DDD expert by any means, but I think I am getting the architecture closer to that model.
I think I am adding a photo gallery to the site, but I have to check my submitted outline as to if I put that in there or not (I am on the road right now :)).
I am also going to work on adding some AJAX stuff to it, but will put client-side validation in the site. But rest assured I will have BLL data validation, Garbage In = Exception to me.