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Default LDAP Authentication Problem

Dear All,
    I am a novice ASP programmer. I am currently developing a web based application which requires LDAP authentication.
    The people here in the organization do not know any thing about LDAP. They are using Windows 2000 Advanced Server and all LDAP configurations have been made by third party vendors.
    Now they are reluctant to allow me to sit on the server to check the configurations. So considering the server to be a black box, is there any way I can query the LDAP service.

    My objective is as follows:
        Username, Password will be provided on a html form.
        I will need to verify whether he is a valid user of the system.
        I do not need to bother about access grants/privileges etc.
        I may need to obtain the corresponding mail - id of the user.

    I would appreciate if any body could supply me a code for running in ASP 3.0 and just extracting the return values.
    I am using a m/c with Windows 2000 Professional , IIS 5.0.

    I know the IP address of the LDAP server only.

    Thanks in Advance
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