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thanks peter.

i did download vb-2008-express but it would not install on a pc that was not connected to the internet.

since i still do classified programming for some large companies, for obvious reasons, i don't have my development pc on the internet.

you can see (and download free) my ham radio logging program from my website ..

note that i am not afraid to let people talk to me .. my phone number is on my website.

for the programs i have been writing and selling on cd .. the express version would probably not work.

when someone buys my software, i let them call and ask me a question.

even though i bought $100 worth of wiley vb-2008 programming books, wiley publishing refused to let me ask the authors a general vb question .. do i have to buy vs-2008.

due to a little arthritis in my hands, it is much easier for me to use the phone than to go back and forth with emails .. just getting old.

anyway, thanks for your suggestions.

hope to see you at dayton next year.

jerry gentry .. wa0h
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