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forumuser - you must be in a slightly more easternly location to me, otherweise maybe i'm just lazy :) - just up and about now!!

No, the location doesn't matter (tho' \Program Files would be a good safe bet just so that we're on the same playing field).

Before we go any further (and after this, perhaps we could take the exchange 'offline' until we've resovled the issue) can you tell me:

1. your OS (i.e. winxp/vista etc)
2. visual studio version (2005/2008 etc)
3. your regional language (this could be part of the issue, i.e. some escape chars being recognised in the GB language set and not in yours)
4. the database that you are using (i.e. SQLServer 2005/2008)

I think that's the 'important' stuff, but if there's anything else that you feel might be important in your setup, then let me know that too.

talk soon...