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So a simple question to you:

Do you have an <asp:button> on that page that will, effectively, refresh it???

That is, how are you having your users refresh it now? If they hit the browser REFRESH (F5), they will get that same "resubmitting post data" message (yes, in *any* browser...message differs, but it's a security measure that browsers are *supposed* to implement, just so that evil scripters can't do bad things). So when you posted your original message, did you have a scheme in mind for allowing people to refresh without needing to hit F5? Hopefully, some <asp:button>???

If so, then just have the code "push" that same button, instead of doing the reload() call.

That is:
    window.opener.document.getElementById("id of that button").click();

If you don't have such a button, could you create one?

Note that you could even hide the button from the user, if you wanted, using an appropriate style. Just make sure it posts the correct info back to the server to refresh the data on the page.