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Default Search using drop down list box and a text box

I am trying to search database using drop down list box and a text box from two database tables with a submit button
table1= MainCategories like technology,internet with ids 10,20 and etc.
table2=subCategories like category=technology,title=web developer,id=10
again same but tile is programmer and id is 10 and etc
u will select category from database driven list box and u will enter key word like web developer
as a result it should display all matching records from the two tables but I have prob it displays every record ,so I need help.
Thank you .
When I try with inner join it shows all the records
when I use "&id&" ,it gives me an error message "object required"
I am not sure where I am making mistake ?

Here is code

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
    <title>Drop Down List box</title>

<script language="javascript">

    function go()

         if(document.frm1.s1.options[document.frm1.s1.selectedIndex].value=="ww" )

                 alert("You did not make any selection,enter search key word,so try again?");
                return false;

                 if (frm1.title.value == "")//if text box is empty
                     alert("You did not ,enter search key word,so try again?");
                 return false();


                return true;



         Dim Conn,RS,sSQL,catid,category,title

         Set Conn = Server.createobject("Adodb.connection")
         Set RS = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Recordset")
        ' Conn.Open ("DSN=test")
         Conn.Open ("DSN=tariqch;UID=administrator;PWD=admin") 'for sql Server database
         sSQL = " Select catid,category from tblcategory "
         Set RS = Conn.execute(sSQL)



    <form name ="frm1" action="test1.asp" method="post">

     <table height="20%" width="20">
         <Input type="hidden" Name="catid" Value="<%=rs("catid")%>">

            <Select Name="s1">

                <option value="ww" Selected>---Make a Selection----</option>
                    <%Do While Not rs.EOF %>
                         <option Value="<%=rs("catid")%>"><%=rs("category")%>

                    Set rs =nothing
                         <Input type="text" Name="title" size="15"></td>
             <tr> <td>
                <input type="button" Value=" Search " Name="btnsub" onClick="go();">
                <input type="reset" Value=" Clear " Name="Reset">


%@ Language=VBScript %>
<BODY background="bg.jpg">

    catid= Request.form("catid")

    category= Request.Form("category")
     description =Request.Form("description")
     Dim conn,sSQL,Rs,catid,subcatid

    Set conn = Server.createobject("AdoDB.connection")
    Set RS = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Recordset")
    Conn.Open ("DSN=test;UID=administrator;PWD=admin")

     ' ("DSN=tariqch")


sSQL ="Select tblcategory.category,tblsubcat.title,tblsubcat.des cription from tblcategory,tblsubcat Where tblcategory.catid = "&tblsubcat.catid&" "
    Set RS = conn.execute(sSQL)


    <center><table border="4" cellspacing=2 cellpadding=2>
                    <tr bgcolor="yellow">


<% While NOT rs.EOF %>

                        <td> <%=rs("category") %></td>
                        <td> <%=rs("title") %></td>
                        <td> <%=rs("Description") %></td>

        Set rs = Nothing
        Set conn = Nothing