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quote:Originally posted by jimibt

It looks like you 'may' already have had a prior version of Flixon running on your machine (is this correct??). if so, remove the old version 1st (including removing any old templates from your system). then, try again (by downloading the new version FlixonV3.02) and extract it to the c:\program file location.

One more thing to check is the Flixon registry entry for the database that you are running it against (in fact, you may wish to remove the registry key for flixon altogether - you can find it at: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Flixon. just click on the Flixon part and hit the delete key. Also, check what template path you are pointing to as the new template set doesn't have a template called Admin_Edit.aspx (as per your screenshot)

let me know how you get on. Also, the current version is, so you should see this in the form i.e. the caption will read:

Flixon Site Generator (using DLL version:


Thanks! I will give this a try! I'm pretty excited about this tool. :)