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First of all, do *NOT* fall into the trap of using the "hyperlink" data type in Access for the column. That data type is really only useful from within Access and is worthless when used from ADO/ASP. Instead, just use an ordinary text column (size no larger than 255).

Other than that, I'm not sure what you are asking. Assuming you have two fields in your DB, DocName and DocLink (my arbitrary names), you would just need to do
SQL = "SELECT DocLink, DocName FROM yourtable WHERE ..."
Set RS = yourAlreadyOpenConnection.Execute( SQL )
Do Until RS.EOF
    <A HREF="<%=RS("DocLink")%>"> <%=RS("DocName")%> </A>
Of course, whether the paths (DocPath) supplied by the users will work or not for *OTHER* users will depend entirely on the nature of the paths that the user types in.


EDIT NOTE: OOPS! I left the RS("...") off of the DocName originally! That's probably the source of all the confusion!