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First, Thank you for your help

I tried what you showed me above and it sort of works. But below is what i did and I am not sure where i am going wrong

<TABLE BORDER=1 COLS=<% = oRs.Fields.Count %>>
    <%Dim oField
    For Each oField In oRs.Fields %>
      <TH> <% = oField.Name %></TH>
      <% Next %>

<%Do While Not oRs.EOF %>
   <%For Each oField In oRs.Fields%>
This is where you may need to look
       <A HREF= "<%= oRs.Fields("Link")%>">Click </A>
       <%If IsNull(oField) Then
           Response.Write "&nbsp;"
           Response.Write oField.Value
         End If

       <% Next
    <% Loop %>

 <A HREF= "<%= oRs.Fields("Link")%>">Click </A>

The output is i would say almost close to what i am trying to accomplish.

Let me define a few things for you:
 "Link" is the name of the Field/Column I am trying to turn into links such that when a user clicks on any text in this field it would open a document.

"Click" was just a test I put in there to see what would happen when i run my ASP page

The output is like this

In the field named "Link" there are text values there but now when i run my code "Click" appears beside this text values in this Field(Link)

"What i am trying to do is make those text values in the field (Link) become links to documents on my local drive."

 "Click" does not link to anything it just appears as a text with an underline.

The most tricky part is I dont want to supply the texts to this Field (link) in code i want to be able to suppy it in an HTML form and post it to my database as a link that opens up documents on my local or network drive.

Thank you very much for your help.

Any suggestions you have are welcomed.
Thank you.