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You did say FILE locks and not RECORD locks, right? File locking has more to do with your file system. If you are working with linked tables, especially on a network, you are working with a connection for each table that is linked. These connections are open when you open the database, not just when you access the linked table.

You might want to consider not using linked tables and either use disconnected recordsets, or use ADO to connect to your data, and close your connection as soon as it is no longer needed.


quote:Originally posted by williamlove
 Occasionally after editing multiple forms I hit save and after a long wait the save fails and I get a nasty message about File Sharing lock count exceeded. When this happens some or all of my forms and tables dissappear until I close Access and reopen it (and one horrible time my database was ruined but I had backup that was only a days work behind).

The message says to increase the file locks, in the registry I believe.

Is this a common problem with a simple fix?