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Default How do I show treeview root node

I have a tree view on my masterpage that is mapped to my web.sitemap (see below)
I want the root node to display but this is not happening and I can't figure out why. TIA- Steve

<?xmlversion="1.0"encoding="utf-8" ?>
<siteMapxmlns="" >
<siteMapNodeurl="myprofile.aspx"title="My Profile"description="Profile" />
<siteMapNodeurl="browseprofiles.aspx"title="Browse Profiles"description="Browse" />
<siteMapNodeurl="findpartner.aspx"title=" Find Partner"description="Find a partner or pro" />
<siteMapNodeurl="feedback.aspx"title="Contact Us"description="Contact Us" />
<siteMapNodeurl="admin.aspx"title="Admin"description="Admin" />