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Default thePhileVB Not Authorized to View

Hi I'm trying to run the code(thePhileVB 8163_code_v7) I downloaded from your website because I'm reading the ASP.NET Website Programming book. I'm using Windows 2003 Server and installed Microsoft IIS webserver, and Microsoft 2005 SQL server. I followed all the instructions in the "readme.htm" that can with the code and when I try to run the http://localhost/thephileVB I get a message "You are not authorized to view this page", also if I get passed that message I get some error messages in the application which says "access denided to polls.config".

Also I have a list of codes that I got from the thephileVB application log. Here are the codes:

Error Code: 400
Defenition: Bad Request

Message type: File
Location: E:\WINDOWS\help\iisHelp\common\400.htm

Error Code: 401 Sub Error Code: 1
Defenition:Unauthorized - Logon Failed
Message type: File
Location: E:\WINDOWS\help\iisHelp\common\400-1.htm

Error Code: 401 Sub Error Code: 2
Defenition:Unauthorized - Logon failed due to server config
Message type: File
Location: E:\WINDOWS\help\iisHelp\common\401-2.htm

Error Code: 401 Sub Error Code: 3
Defenition:Unauthorized - Unauthorized due to ACL on resource
Message type: File
Location: E:\WINDOWS\help\iisHelp\common\401-3.htm

Error Code: 401 Sub Error Code: 4
Defenition:Unauthorized - Auhtorization failed by filter
Message type: File
Location: E:\WINDOWS\help\iisHelp\common\401-4.htm

Error Code: 401 Sub Error Code: 5
Defenition:Authorization faield by ISAPI/CGI app
Message type: File
Location: E:\WINDOWS\help\iisHelp\common\401-5.htm

Error Code: 401 Sub Error Code: 7
Defenition:Unauthorized - Denided due to URL Authorization
Message type: File
Location: E:\WINDOWS\help\iisHelp\common\401-1.htm

If anybody needs additional information, please ask. I also have taken screenshots of a my configurations in IIS and in SQL database. I would like to post them here but Im not sure how to but if you want to see I can email those screenshots. Please Help

Thank you.