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Thanks for the blazingly fast support, Michael!

I made a workaround by supplying an attribute to the root note with the workdir used, and prefixed the href path with that: works.

Originally Posted by mhkay View Post
First, an aside: using a DOMSource with Saxon is really inefficient and you should only do it if you already have the source in the form of a DOM. Much better to let Saxon build the tree in its own native format.
I'm not reading an existing xml file, the document is built dynamically. It's there as a org.w3c.dom.Document, so I felt this was the natural way to go. If something other is more efficient, can you give me a two-liner of how to do that?

I'll join the saxon list right away. I didn't really know how saxon-specific the question was, or even whether the problem was in XSLT, Java or Saxon.

processor.setProperty(FeatureKeys.TIMING, "true")
I suppose you meant processor.setConfigurationProperty().

Thanks again
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