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Default return value of Confirm in javascript not Working onClientClick

return value of Confirm in javascript not Working OnClientClick of button.
button is placed in updatePanel (AJAX).
JavaScript code for confirm is also in updatePanel(AJAX)

function chkleave()
var dat1 = document.getElementById("txttxtleavestartdate").value;
if (dat1.length != 10) 
var dat2 = document.getElementById("txttxtleaveenddate").value;
if (dat2.length != 10) 
if(Math.floor((new Date(dat2)-new
if (!confirm("Your Leave days are exceeding pending leaves. \n Your extra leaves will be considered 'Leave Without Pay'. \n Are you sure you want to send it for approval."))
return false;
<asp:ButtonID="btnSubmit"OnClientClick="return chkleave()"ValidationGroup="vali"CssClass="txtBox"BackColor="#1B3091"Font-Bold="True"ForeColor="White"runat="server"Text="Submit"OnClick="btnSubmit_Click"/>

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