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Thanks for the reply Doug.

In this case I cannot update the VB application. Actually it's probably written in C++, but either way I don't have access to the code. It is a comercial product that acts as an ActiveX container.

I want to build some custom graphical display controls to put in this container. As the application is a graphical user interface to a data historian, I want to be able to update my control with data from the application. The application has VBA programability so any COM compliant ActiveX control I put in there I should be able to affect provided I have exposed the necessary properties to the COM interface.

I have found a nifty post on doing this but I haven't been able to get it to work...

So far I am just messing around with putting my control in an HTML document and opening it with IE. Since that didn't work I tried to follow the instructions exactly as the link indicates. It still doesn't work. I get a box on the page that is the correct shape according to the size specified in the OBJECT tag. The box has the red-X button indicating a broken object. I was concerned that the policies on my work pc might be causing the problem so I broght the control home along with the test document and checked it on my home pc. I got the same result.

Now I'm wondering if the assembly has to be added to the GAC?

Let me know if you find anything. I'll keep looking.
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