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Default ASP3 / XMLDOM / updating nodes -- HELP PLEASE

Hello everyone!

I got a problem here (I use ASP (3.0) with Microsoft.XMLDOM). The thing is I have an XML tree with some information. And I need to modify data stored in it. It's a simple 2-level structure. Please just provide me a working example of how to modify the data in some node/attribute of this node and then to save the complete modified XML structure back to the Session variable.

I tried to do it the following way but it seems it's not working..

sub init()
 set xmlOrder = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
 set xmlOrderItem = xmlOrder.createElement("xml_order")
 xmlOrderItem.setAttribute "id","1"
 xmlOrderItem.setAttribute "name","my order"

 set Session("XML_ORDER") = xmlOrder
 set xmlOrderItem = nothing
 set xmlOrder = nothing
end sub

... i also have the procedure which adds the second level (xml_orderline) to the initialized tree:
 <xml_order id="1" name="my order">
   <xml_orderline id="11" pid="11" name="bmw" />
   <xml_orderline id="12" pid="11" name="mercedes" />
   <xml_orderline id="13" pid="11" name="lada" />

So, this part (creation) is working fine. But when it comes to editing the data within the attribute, it seems just doesn't change them.

sub change_data(id,pid,param,val)
 dim domLine, domLines, xmlOrderItem, xmlOrder
 set xmlOrder = Session("XML_ORDER")
 On Error Resume Next
 dim tmp : tmp = xmlOrder.getAttribute("id")
 If Err <> 0 Then ' error occurred
    set xmlOrder = xmlOrder.documentElement
 End If

 set domLine = xmlOrder.SelectSingleNode("//xml_orderline[@id='"& id &"' and @pid='"& pid &"']")

 domLine.setAttribute CStr(param),CStr(val)

 ' i am not sure whether the data is been modified by XMLDOM
 ' object automatically after I run setAttribute() method
 ' or is this all i have done here correct?

 set Session("XML_ORDER") = xmlOrder
 set domLine = nothing
 set xmlOrder = nothing
end sub

Thank you very much in advance!