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Default Dynamically Add textboxes and place there values in respective positions

Hello Friends,
I have one problem and that is
I have one form which is generated form Editor like
"M/s.$$F_Borrower1$$ ,
A company incorporated under Indian Companies Act - 1956 having its registered office at $$F_Borrower1Address$$
(Through its authorised signatories) $$F_Borrower2$$$$F_Borrower3$$$$F_Borrower4$$$$F_Borrower5$$$$F_Borrower6$$$$F_Borrower7$$$$F_Borrower8$$$$F_Borrower9$$Hereinafter referred to as " THE BORROWER" (which expression shall unless repugnant to the context and meaning thereof be deemed to mean and include its successors, executors, administrators and assigns)"

this is sample editor text generated
In between $$ these are textboxes names. On other form there is one Button called "get textboxes" when i click on it, i searched through this editor text and finds names between $$ so that i will get array of these names like "F_Borrower1,F_Borrower2...."
According to that i generate textboxes so now it generated 9 textboxes for 9 borrower and whatever it entered in textboxes this values are replace in editor text, it works fine..

Now my problem is that i don't want that 9 textboxes. Bydefault it show only one textbox and one button if i click on this button then Borrower2,borrower3 textboxes are added and there values are replced in there respective position, as in editor text now there is only on $$F_Borrower1$$" not 9 fields,So how to achive this using 2.0 and if with AJAX

Thanks ,