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I just forgot to remove the right parenthesis from the line. It should be
    & " order by JobStatus "


But if the other code doesn't work, I don't see why this will.

WHICH is "line 23"????

By my count, in Doug's code, it would be
if not rsqdb.EOF then response.write rsqdb("name")


In which case we can't really tell which part of that line is the culprit. So if you use my version, instead, we could narrow it down. *PROBABLY* it is the "rsqdb.EOF". And, quite frankly, if you copy/pasted Doug's code exactly, that doesn't make sense.

I could see getting an error from the CONN.EXECUTE, but not from the EOF check.

The *only* thing I can think of is that the culprit might be the
use msdb
at the head of the query. Did you try putting a semicolon after it, as I suggested???

But try my (corrected) paranoid code. Maybe we'll get more info.

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