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Default Linux & KDE & C++ & QT & MYSQL & Kdevelop

The best book I've found is Beginning Linux Programming 3rd Edition. BUT, this doesn't cover Kdevelop. So? You get issues when you're a novice and you're using the env to manage things for you that you wouldn't get if you used gcc direct (etc.). It would be GREAT if the 4th edition included Kdevelop!

I'm trying the QT application example and getting syntax errors using the variable->text() syntax in the book (page 728 Chap17). The issue may be due to QT Designer building its own .cpp that you then reference from yours. Why do this? If you dont the next time you use the nice tool to change your UI it will replace the .cpp (and .h maybe) with a new one. So, you create a class that references the automatically made one. But, the book doesn't go here...

Anyone know a book for kdevelop, QT, etc.... ????