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Originally Posted by wbretth View Post
It's been a while and we have a complete fix. The MS engineer was excellent in isolating the issue and proving a fix. Here's what he found.

ASP does not reset the extended floating point error registers before performing an arithmetic operation, however it does check the extended registers for an error. If anything running on your server creates an error condition in the extended registers, you'll get this error. We run ChartFX, and that's when the issue started. The MS engineer wrote a little piece of code that we include as an object at the start of each page to reset the extended FP registers. It has made the problem complete go away. He couldn't get the MS developers to release a patch to correct the issue since he was successful in creating a work-around. We've been running with his workaround for several months without issue.


Brett Husselbaugh
eTelligent Solutions
Can you post this code here? I am having a simlar problem using a label creation application called "BarTender" that has VBScript capabilities and am at a loss as to why we get these intermittent overflows. I'm willing to try anything at this point.
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