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Default Database in repository questions

Your book arrived last week and I have to say... I wet my pants. Ok, not really, but seriously, this book is awesome! You are answering so many questions that I, as a new Drupal developer, have been trying to figure out by scouring various discussions scattered around the web. Additionally, it's a lot of fun working through the book. Thanks!

Currently, I'm in chapter 3, and I have a couple of questions about the way you've handled storing a dump of the database in the repository.

1. What happens if you have multiple developers working on a project and they each install different modules? Won't there be a conflict between their database dumps?

2. What happens when you've deployed the site and the end user is happily adding content, but you continue to develop the site? Later down the road, your database will have new module configurations, but the production database will have lots of new content. How do you merge the configuration part of the development into a live site without loosing data?

Thank you for your thoughts.
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