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Not at all Lee, I really appreciate all the help you provide :-)

I know the code I provided looks a little weird, but it is mostly test code, which allways looks kinda weird :-D So far, I have been trying with a ListView and a BulletedList, but I can't get any output from the ObjectDataSource, not without providing a default value, which is not what I want. Doing so, shows me that my BLL/DAL/Database works fine, and that I have, apparently, configured my ObjectDataSource/ListView correctly.

The problem is getting the articleID to the GetTagsByArticle method, in every loop of the ListView. I thought this was just a matter of hooking the ListView up to the ObjectDataSource. It works in all the other pages I have used ObjectDataSource/ListView.

My problem is not so much with layout, but more with getting som sort of output to layout :-) My final layout would be like most other blogs, with the tags shown somewhere in the bottom of each entry. But again, this comes later.