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Unhappy Comparing Performance Linq To entities and outofBand SQL updates

hi there,

On page 514 is a table which compares the ordinary sql to the Linq to entities.
now on page 515 there is the 100:1 difference partially explained.

Now in distributed designs I have to follow also the recommendations at page 513.
-Create a new Context for each web service call(being stateless)
-Add changes to the store in batches.

1)this would mean I would have a first call to the Web service which fetches all the data required in the Client.
2)the changes have to be collected until a predefined Time point at which all the changes are written back by calling a web service method with a list of CUD operations on some entities

Hmm point 1 would mean that the user would have to wait a long time before its data appears.
point 2 is prone to crashes if the client crashes before the mass of collected changes are applied.

somehow I have the feeling that EF is not appropriate for distributed designswith 3 Layers.One could use EntityBag approaches but the Data transfer objects are not persistent ignorant.

Anyone some comment? am I wrong somewhere?