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Unhappy Dashboard problem with fonction


First of all I wanna say how great I find your book. It is really, what I need. One can find really usefull tips in it and the example code is great.

I have a small problem though. I am not a professional programmer, but I am creating a database in our (very small) company, and I was trying to make the dashboards work. I copied your code, created all the tables and forms, everything ok, but whan I try to select a component to fill my frame, a error message turns up.

The highlighted line of code is in the fonction FillDashboard, and the line is :
frm.Controls(rs("DashboardControl")).SourceObject = rs("ComponentObject")
The error code is 2101 : parameter not valid for this property.

Could someone help me out here and tell me why I have this error message?
Did I forget something?

Many thanks for any comment.

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