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Default Code not going as planned: "icicle" vs "savedinstancestate"


I am new to the eclipse platform, and I haven't programmed in quite some time (have some experience in Visual Basic and C). Not sure if this problem is related to the dev-environment or specific Java SDK I'm using.

But in Chapter 2, the Hello World program, I have followed all prior steps in the book, except that the code that the JDT automatically fills in has the lines:

----public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) et. al----

whereas the book describes that the same line should have been:

----public void onCreate(Bundle icicle) et. al----

Why is this? Where does this discrepancy arise from and has no one else experienced this? It's a minor discrepancy, but I am wondering if this is only the beginning of a slough of problems I may eventually have to overcome.

I am using
Eclipse Ganymede 3.4.2 build M20090211-1700
Android SDK 1.1 r1
JDK 6 u12

There is another issue which I will post in another thread.
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