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if you look at the code example carefully in your book you will see things like

// Keep an eye out for this variable name okay?
private int myprivateVar = 1;
// this is a property, its a variable declaration that LOOKs like a function but its not.
// it gets a value of a private variable or changes it.
public Name
       // myprivateVar is used in these braces
and it is used like so:

className.Name = "Jim Carrey"
// or
string name = className.Name.ToString() // you may or may not need ToString()

and there you have it, as far as fields go... i would say they are variables that affect the behavior of a class like... lets say you had a class controlling how many monsters to spawn behind the player.

cMonsterSpawner.NumberToSpawn = 5;
now i might be a little bit ignorant but to me they are almost the same things. almost.
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