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Ok your response has raised a few more questions with me-Lucky you!

All pages by default inherit the page class in the namespace system.web.ui This makes them act like web pages. Unless its a master page in which case it's a masterpage that it inherits instead of page.

The inheritance allows you to create multiple classes that inherit from each other and you can modfiy this inheritance to the BasePage instead of the page class? or do you inherit the page class and then the basepage class?

thinking about the logic that you would put in the base page could you give me an example? And you say the master page can't inherit from the Base Page but is that just me using the terms wrong? eg:

Could the masterpage.master file not have an inherits "namespacehere" ?

Or do you put that code in the codebehind files of the individual pages ?

In any case do you mean server side code runs on the basepage and client side code would be put in a master page or normal page?

I think thats it, my question might be abit jumbled there but I am trying to sort through it in my head aswell and keep thinking of things not necessarily in the most logical order.
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