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Default Using ASP classic filesystem object to retrieve a xml file turns characters into Chin


I have a pretty interesting problem here.

I read an xml file from the server using the fileSystem object. However...the text "magically" turn into Chinese characters.

If I take a look at the xml file in notepad it seems fine (normal English xml), but as soon as I read the individual lines of the file using the filesystem object I get the weird characters.

The code I use to access the file is pretty standard:

var FileObj,this_file;
var txt_arr = new Array();

FileObj = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
this_file = FileObj.OpenTextFile(Server.MapPath("xmlfile.xml") );

txt_arr[txt_arr.length] = this_file.ReadLine();


Has anybody ever come across something like this before?
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